New initiative for personalised medicine

​There are high expectations on the new wave of so-called "personalised medicine" which is adapted for each patient's needs. Chalmers is now involved in a new pharmaceutical collaboration between ten Nordic universities, funded by NordForsk with 46 million SEK.

​The personalised medicine is a kind of pharmaceutical that is constructed to suit each individual patient’s precondition. This will lead to better effect and less side-effects of the pharmaceutics.

Though expectations are high, the development has been relatively slow. Now NordForsk, which is a research funder part of the Nordic Council of Ministers, takes the initiative to increase the speed of development by funding the project Nordic PP (Patient Oriented Products) with 46 million SEK. The aim of the project is to put the Nordic research within the field of development of patient oriented products. This will reduce unwanted suffering and side effects for the patients. To reach the aim all researchers at the universities with this goal should build a strong community with much exchange of ideas and sharing of competences and instruments. The grant can only be used to mobility actions.

“At Chalmers we have both good equipment and competences in material science, production and pharmaceutics, which will be the platform for incoming researchers from the other universities. At the same time, all Chalmers researchers´ can visit the other universities in the network and do research. I am sure that this will strengthen both Chalmers and the Nordic research within the field” says Professor Anette Larsson, at Chalmers, who is leading the project from Chalmers’ side. 

Involved in the project are pharmaceutical researchers at universities in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland and Denmark. They will develop strategies to design new type of pharmaceutical products, make the production of medicine more flexible, and move it closer to the end-user. The project runs for six years and was initiated in January with a kick-off meeting at University of Southern Denmark where 140 researchers participated. Collaborating partners are from University of Copenhagen and University of Southern Denmark, University of Oslo and University of Tromsö, University of Helsinki, Åbo Akademi University and University of Eastern Finland, University of Iceland and University of Uppsala and Chalmers University of Technology.

If you interested to invite guest researchers (from students to professors) or visit any of the universities in the network, please contact Professor Anette Larsson  or Professor Jukka Rantanen for more information.


Published: Tue 29 May 2018.