Molecular Frontiers Symposia

​In late May, for the tenth year in a row, Molecular Frontiers held another well attended symposium. World-leading scientists and high school students gathered in The Beijer Hall at The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences to participate in the event, with the theme Tailored Biology. In December another symposium will be held, on Chalmers and with a new current topic.

​Molecular Frontiers is a non-profit organization that aims to bring forward the research front within molecular science, and stimulate young people’s interest in the nature of science. Annually, the organization arranges symposiums, where high school students get a unique opportunity to listen to and interact with world-leading scientists and Nobel Prize winners. 

During the symposium in May, two panel discussion were held, where the high school students (that accounted for about half of the audience) asked questions about everything from the origins of life to the medicine of the future.

Per Thorén, Project Manager and Chief Operating Officer for Molecular Frontiers, has been a part of the organization since it was founded in 2007. He expresses his contentment over the huge commitment and curiosity that emerged during the latest event.

- It was probably the best symposium we have had so far, but I say that every year, as it is constantly developing and improving! The high school students came well prepared with good questions and it was obvious that the lecturers thought it was fun to discuss and answer them, says Per Thorén.

During the last ten years, the symposia has been arranged not only in Sweden, but also in Bangalore, Singapore, Korea and Tokyo. Several different topics have been discussed, such as the origin of life, energy, the brain and various technologies in biomedicine. In December, it is time for another symposium, this time on Chalmers with the topic sustainable energy. In preparation for this, Molecular Frontiers has invited ten influential lecturers and visitors from all around the world.

- We have a very exciting program and a highly current topic in front of us. It’s also extra fun that we are welcoming lecturers and visitors to Chalmers, since it is the headquarter of Molecular Frontiers.

The symposia is free of charge and open to all. In December, it is arranged in a big lecture hall that can accommodate approximately 450 people, and Per Thorén is hoping that it will be filled with scientists and associated research groups from other universities in Sweden as well.

- Molecular Frontiers is bringing people together to a scientific platform. There are no sharp boundaries between chemistry, physics, medicine or biology – in the end, it’s all about molecules, says Per Thorén.

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Published: Thu 29 Jun 2017.