”Bathing in batik” at The International Science Festival

​Experiment with chemical color baths at the International Science Festival! Per Lincoln, professor at the department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, arranges the activity “Bathing in batik” where visitors can learn to create cool patterns on textiles.

​Soon, it is time for the International Science Festival in Gothenburg, Sweden’s largest knowledge festival. The international event is organized annually, and the public can take part in a variety of different activities that offer both knowledge and entertainment. The International Science Festival also has a large school program, and during two weeks, 8-19 May, Experimentverkstan in Frihamnen will offer school children a lot of exciting and fun stations with experiments.

- It is important to create curiosity about science, and that is what we do at the festival. It is also a great opportunity for children to have fun with chemistry, says Per Lincoln.

For safety reasons, during other circumstances, it can be quite difficult for children to experiment with chemistry, he says. Fortunately, the activity "Bathing in batik" is a safe way to explore chemistry.

- The activity demonstrates chemistry at its best; the chemicals smell, the colors are changing and the children's shirts are transforming in front of them. If they dress like a chemist, with gloves, lab coat and safety goggles, it is totally harmless. It is a great way to give an experience of how fun it can be with chemistry, says Per Lincoln.

Experimentverkstan is open to the public during the weekend, 13-14 May between 11.00 and 16.00 (free entrance). Bring white cotton textile and try coloring yourself!


 The International Science festival webpage


Text: Mariam Nordström

Published: Wed 03 May 2017.