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For women in science-prize to catalysis researcher

Kirsten Leistner, postdoc at Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, is awarded the L’Oréal-Unesco For women in science-prize which aims to highlight female scientists in the beginning of their career. The ceremony took place in Stockholm, 6th of March. Leisner along with Julia U was given the awarded by Helene Hellmark Knutsson, Minister for Higher Education and Research. 

- It means a lot to me personally, as a sign of recognition, that one is going in the right direction. For my research, it is also significant, because there is funding attached to this prize, which will allow me to develop new initiatives in my research, says Kirsten Leistner.
With the funding that comes with the award she also wants to invite a prominent female scientist within catalysis to hold a seminar at Chalmers.
- I want to invite a role model and somebody who can speak about the difficulties that women face in research. There are certainly some unresolved issues. That is why there is a prize such as this. It is there to put a spot light on these unresolved issues. There have been many improvements over the years, but there are still quite a few things that could be improved, says Kirsten Leistner.
In cars and trucks there are catalysts, which are made from solid materials with the capability to through catalytic reactions convert pollution particles and nitrogen oxides to harmless gases. As a postdoc in Professor Louise Olsson’s group Kirsten Leistner explores how to stop catalysts to deactivate from the gases they are exposed to.

Unesco about Kirsten Leistner: Her research is distinguished by both geographical movability and innovative collaborations with great international experience. She has earlier been rewarded with a number of awards and hopes to establish herself as an independent researcher.

Also Julia Uddén, Stockholm University, was awarded with the L’Oréal-Unesco For women in science-prize.
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Text: Mats Tiborn

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