Watch the movie clip from the expedition in the Arctic

​Katarina Gårdfeldt, scientist in environmental inorganic chemistry at Chalmers, studies how mercury is being transported and transformed in the environment. Together with her research group she completed a research project in the Arctic Ocean – where several tonnes of mercury end up each year – now you can watch the movie clip from the expedition.

Each year, several tonnes of mercury end up in the Arctic Ocean. The mercury is transported from more southerly latitudes with the wind, and in the Arctic it is converted to the most dangerous form of mercury, methyl mercury – an environmental toxic, harmful to both animals and humans.

Together with the rest of the participants in the research project, measurements were made in the water, sea ice, snow and air to see how much and what type of mercury there is in the Arctic.

These measurements help us understand the impact of melting sea ice and other phenomena caused by climate change, on the transport and transformation mechanisms of environmental toxins in the Arctic Ocean.

Published: Fri 19 May 2017.