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Genrebild IVA 100 lista 2022 ​

Chemistry research on IVA 100 list

​Two research projects from the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and one project related to the department, are highlighted by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, when IVA's 100 list 2022 was announced. 

​IVA 100 list theme 2022: technology in service of mankind.  

Recycling technology integrated into semiconductor production for electronic screens/solar cells to secure the critical metal indium 

You are probably reading this text looking through a transparent conductive material called indium tin oxide (ITO). It is the backbone of all electronic screen​s (LCD, LED, and touch screens), and some solar cell technologies. During the manufacturing of these devices, 30 - 70% of the material becomes production waste. Almost 75% of indium is used for ITO manufacturing and it is accepted as a critical raw material due to its importance in the electronic industry. It is a minor element of the earth’s crust and is unevenly distributed. It's recycling from industrial waste is challenging and requires several stages. In our technology, indium recovery is simplified instead of complicated processing stages and integrated into the ITO powder production to reproduce ITO material. The creative idea generated a start-up company, Mat4green Tech AB​, that works on the business implementation of the research. Harmonization of the technology with the innovative business idea reduces the environmental impact of the material and secures the strategic material supply. 

Contact: Burcak Ebin, researcher at the Department of Chamistry and Chemical Engineering 

High-Quality Graphene and Highly Thermal Conductive Graphene Films Produced in Eco-Friendly Ways

The heat generated from ubiquitous miniaturized electronic devices needs to be dissipated by materials that are highly thermally conductive, lightweight, flexible, mechanically robust and, most importantly, manufactured in a sustainable way. Our idea includes two interconnected steps: 1) Eco-friendly production of high-quality graphene in a large-scale; and 2) Production of highly thermal-conductive graphene films with low environmental impact and low cost. The graphene films are expected to replace the current metal films and other thermally conductive films produced in the high cost of environment, and therefore contribute to the transition to a green industry.

Contact: Ergang Wang, professor at the Department of Chemistry and Chamical Engineering   

Adsorbi - cellulose-based foams for air pollutants capture​  

After finishing her doctoral studies at the department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Kinga Grenda founded the start-up company Absorbi together with Romain Bordes, researcher at the department. She was recently named one of ten entrepreneurs to keep an eye on by Swedish Incubators and Science Parks. 
Reseracher: Kinga Grenda 

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