Slimelab for school children and chemistry as a key to the unknown

​Tuesday 3 May, the annual science festival in Gothenburg was opened. As previous year Chalmers and chemistry researchers are involved in the program. The popular slimelabs for children returns in the school program and researcher Martin Rahm will take on the mission to explain what chemistry really is, in the program open for everybody. 

​​“If chemists don’t talk about what chemistry really is, who shall do it? 

When Martin Rahm was asked by the science festival to participate in the program it was a given for him to say yes. He has a rule to never say no when he has the chance to spread the passion for science. On Saturday 7 May he will enter one of the festivals stages at Humanisten, Gothenburg University to contribute to this important mission. 

"Chemsitry is too often associated with negative impact of our environment and far to rarely what it really is- an exciting tool to build a better world and a key to the unknown. If chemists don’t talk about what chemistry really is, who shall do it?", says Martin Rahm, Associated professor at the department for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. 

​“Fun experience for children to be in a real lab” 

When the slime-lab was introduced at the science festival 2018 it immediately became a popular part of the school program. Anna Ström, professor at the department for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering took the initiative to start it together with Johanna Andersson who was by then doctoral student at the department. Robin Nilsson who later took on the main responsibility for the slime lab assisted them. 

" I see the slime lab as a fun way for children to experience the feeling of being in proper laboratory.  Hopefully, they also learn more about the chemistry content in the slime", says Robin Nilsson, doctoral student at the department for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. 

More chemistry to discover at the science festival 

Children can also discover Chemsitry at the science festival at the performance ”Kemi med Alfons Åberg”. The performance has been developed in a collaboration where Chalmers and the department for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering has been a partner.  

Page manager Published: Thu 05 May 2022.