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​Bo Albinsson, professor of physical chemistry, is a new member of the class for chemistry at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.​

Bo Albinsson new member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

​Bo Albinsson, Professor of Physical Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering has been elected member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.
In his research, Bo Albinsson moves within the entire spectrum of physical chemistry, from experimental molecular spectroscopy to theoretical modeling and quantum mechanical calculations. Albinsson has contributed with important knowledge of electron and energy transport in molecular systems, where he combined theoretical and experimental studies. These works have been of great importance for further research in photocatalysis and molecular solar conversion systems and have received great international dissemination. Now he takes a seat among the members of the class for chemistry.

“It is, of course, a great honor to be elected to KVA and in some sense a recognition of the importance of the ground research on the fundamental processes active in both the natural photosynthesis and in solar cells that my research group has been conducting for a long time”, says Bo Albinsson.

He is primarily interested in mechanical issues concerning electron and energy transfer mechanisms, which are the fundamental processes in all conversion of solar energy. Albinsson's research group is currently working on this in a project on photon up-conversion where they want to be able to convert the low energy photons of the sunlight into high energy photons, in order to increase the efficiency of solar cells and enable future production of solar fuels.

The class for chemistry within KVA has 18 members under the age of 65, but one is elected as a member for a lifetime. There are also international members and honorary members. Among the 18 members under the age of 65 in the class for chemistry, Bo Albinsson together with Pernilla Wittung-Stafshede are the two researchers who are active at Chalmers.

“KVA is active in both national and international policy work and therefore makes a number of investigations. In addition, the Academy of Sciences shares a number of awards and grants, where the Nobel Prize is the best known. I will, over time, gladly contribute to both of these important tasks”, says Bo Albinsson.


Page manager Published: Mon 01 Jul 2019.