28 million SEK for solar cell research

​Ergang Wang and Christian Müller at Applied Chemistry are participants in the project “Mastering Morphology for Solution-borne Electronics”, which has been funded with SEK 28 million by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg foundation. The project is led by Professor Ellen Moons at the University of Karlstad.
The project “Mastering Morphology for Solution-borne Electronics” aims at creating effective solar cells from molecular semi-conductors by optimizing the manufacturing process and increasing the understanding of how the fundamental molecular interactions set the structure in the functional material.

The aim is to investigate how conductive plastics in solar cells can be more efficient. The goal is making the solar cells cheaper to produce and at the same time to have enough lifespan and performance.
- The knowledge that we hope to gain through this project will significantly deepen our understanding of the interplay between structure formation and the resulting electronic properties of conducting plastics, which typically consist of a mixture of two or more functional organic molecules. Besides plastic solar cells, we anticipate that the project will accelerate our work on other application areas such as plastic thermoelectrics, says Christian Müller.
The research is multidisciplinary and spans over chemistry, physics and electronics. In the project are reserachers from not only Chalmers but also the University of Karlstad, the University of Linköping and the University of Lund. The funding from KAW is divided throughout five years.
- We very much look forward to working with all the project partners. We all have been working together as a team for many years and this project will boost our capabilities, to take our collaboration to the next stage says Christian Müller.
The KAW foundation has approved funding for SEK 752 millions to 22 research projects that are estimated to hold highest internationall class and may lead to scientific breakthroughs in the future.  
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Page manager Published: Fri 07 Oct 2016.