Events: Kemi- och bioteknik events at Chalmers University of TechnologyTue, 14 Jan 2020 17:34:49 +0100 Materials Conference 2020<p>Chalmers Conference Centre, company, Chalmersplatsen 1, Kårhuset</p><p>Competence Centre of Recycling (CCR) at Chalmers University of Technology; RE:Source in   cooperation with Nordic Publishing and research institutes, academia, and organisations from the   basic, chemical, recycling and textile industries are proud to invite you to the 5th Circular Materials       Conference on March 17-18 2020 at Chalmers Conference Centre in Gothenburg, Sweden. &gt;</p>​The Circular Materials Conference is <span><span></span>the leading Nordic forum for industrial, scientific and commercial progress in circular use of materials.</span><div><span><b><br /></b></span></div> <div><span><b>The conference 2020 will highlight on:</b> </span><div><ul><li><span>Circular Materials Business Applications </span></li> <li>AI, IoT, digitalization, automation as an innovation driver of circular material </li></ul></div> <div><span><strong>Research and Innovation for circular material focusing on: </strong></span><br /></div> <div><ol><li>Plastics </li> <li>Textiles</li> <li><span>Metals from Secondary Sources/ WEEE/batteries </span></li> <li><span>Fast movi</span><span>ng consumer goods </span></li> <li>Building and construction</li></ol></div> <div><br /></div> <div><strong>Target Group</strong></div> <div>The forum welcomes everyone interested in the cutting edge of circular innovation. Here you will meet CE thought leaders and visionary CEOs, R&amp;D managers, producers, recyclers, collectors and retailers, decision-makers and representatives of global institutions, NGOs, research institutes and academia, clean-tech investors, and the media – all in one place.</div> <div><br /></div> <div><strong>Important deadlines - papers: </strong></div> <div><span>Submission of ab</span><span>stracts: September 30, 2019</span><br /></div> <div>Notification of paper acceptance: October 30, 2019</div> <div><b><br /></b></div> <div><b>Registration: </b></div> <div>Early registration opens: August 30, 2019</div> <div>Author registration: December 31, 2019<br /></div> <div><br /></div> <div><br /></div> <div> </div></div>