Events: Kemi- och bioteknik events at Chalmers University of TechnologyThu, 06 Dec 2018 11:57:56 +0100 Wranne, Chemistry and Biochemistry<p>Kollektorn, lecture room,</p><p>​DNA and RNA base analogue FRET - from fluorophore design to biochemical applications</p>​The faculty opponent:  Professor Niko Hildebrandt, Université Paris-Sud<div> </div> <div>Supervisor: Marcus Wilhelmsson<br />Examiner: Bo Albinsson</div> Bini, Applied Chemistry<p>KS101, lecture hall,</p><p>​Design, synthesis and characterization of conjugated polymers for photovoltaics and electrochromics</p>​The faculty opponent:  Wouter Maes, Hasselt University<div>  </div> <div>Supervisor: Ergang Wang<br />Examiner: Jerker Mårtensson</div>,-Chemical-Engineering.aspx,-Chemical-Engineering.aspxMaster thesis presentation: Joakim Thorstensson, Chemical Engineering<p>Room 3233, Forskarhus 3, Chemistry buildning</p><p>​Title: Comparison of FBRM and PIA for investigating the precipitation of Kraft lignin from aqueous solutions: Influence of salt type, concentration, temperature and pH.</p><p>​<br />Supervisor: Tor Sewring<br />Examiner: Hans Theliander <br /> </p> Murto, Applied Chemistry<p>Vasa A, lecture hall,</p><p>​Synthesis of conjugated polymers and small molecules for organic light-emitting devices and photodetectors</p><p>​The faculty opponent: Professor Andy Monkman, Durham University</p> <p>  </p> <div>Supervisor: Ergang Wang<br />Examiner: Jerker Mårtensson</div>,-Applied-Chemistry-.aspx,-Applied-Chemistry-.aspxAmbra Dreos, Applied Chemistry<p>10:an, meeting room,</p><p>​Norbornadienes for Solar Thermal Energy Storage and New Applications</p>​<div>The faculty opponent:  Associate Professor Ivan Aprahamian, Dartmouth University</div> <div> </div> <div>Supervisor: Kasper Moth-Poulsen<br />Examiner: Jerker Mårtensson<br /> </div>