​The Department has four divisions, that work with research and teaching. The divisions cover 18 research areas alltogether. The Head of Department Hanna Härelind and the adminsitrative office are the Department's chancellery.  

The department is involved in four competence centres supported by Vinnova (Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems) and the Swedish Energy Agency.

The department is organized in four research divisions with several research groups and with a head of division
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Head of division: Jerker Mårtensson
Applied Chemistry
Head of division: Kasper Moth-Poulsen
Energy and Materials
Head of division: Christian Ekberg 
Chemical Engineering
Head of division: Louise Olsson

The divisions are active within the following areas:
Division Chemistry and Biochemistry:
Analytical Chemistry
Physical Chemistry
Organic Chemistry
Division Applied Chemistry:                      
Biopolymer Technology
Pharmaceutical Technology
Polymer Technology
Applied Surface Chemistry
Division Energy and Materials:
Environmental Inorganic Chemistry
Industrial Materials Recycling
Nuclear Chemistry
Division Chemical Engineering:
Chemical Engineering Design
Chemical Environmental Science
Chemical Reaction Engineering

Forest Products and Chemical Engineering ​

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