Available Master's thesis projects

Applied Chemistry
Nanoparticle Syntehesis in Flow
Applied Surface Chemistry
Bio-based nanostructured materials for the control of surface properties
Chemical Engineering
Competence Centre for Catalysis
Competence Centre SuMo BIOMATERIALS
Environmental Inorganic Chemistry

The role of MgO in CaMnO3-δ and its influence on the oxygen carrier’s property
The influence of sulphur on oxygen carriers in Chemical-looping Combustion 
Work on tomorrows Energy Solutions – today!

Industrial Materials Recycling

Graphene oxide in cement
Nuclear Chemistry

60Co sorption onto bentonite clay
Robust, passive chemical sampling system for airborne fission products
Study of retention mechanisms and peak distortion in Supercritical fluid chromatography from analytical to semi-preparative scale


Organic Chemistry 

Bioaktiva substanser: Tillverkning och studier av cancer aktiva substanser
Chemical modification of cellulose for use in biocomposites
Functionalized Graphene for Energy Storage Devices
Hijacking the ubiquitin ligase
Kolhydratsyntes: material till enzymatiska och mekanistiska studier
Master thesis project in organic chemistry/ cellulose chemistry


Replace fossil fuels in the tomorrow’s materials

Investigation of hemicellulose foam/cellular composite material and characterization of absorbing and mechanical properties


Physical Chemistry
Combining conventional catalyst and enzyme to synthesize enantiomerically pure benzoin derivative
DNA and Nanofluidics I: Single-Molecule DNA Mapping in Nanofluidic Channels
DNA and Nanofluidics II: Nanofluidic-Based Approaches to Study DNA-Protein Interactions on the Single Molecule Level  
Interested in Solving the World Enegy Challenges
Modeling Molecular Energy Storage
Photo upconversion
Towards a brighter DNA

Polymer Technology

Department of Physics, Chemical Physics Group

Cleaning of Mercury and other Heavy Metals from Contaminated Water
Tackling the volume increase problem of lithium-sulfur batteries during cycling 

Microtechnology and nanoscience

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