Structural Engineering

Research areas

Research activities at the division of Structural Engineering comprise two main areas within structural engineering: concrete structures, and lightweight structures.

Concrete structures

The research in the Concrete Structures research group is focused on load-carrying capacity, stability, functional design and durability of concrete structures. Advanced analysis methods are developed and combined with laboratory experiments. In almost all of our projects, we work with non-linear finite element modelling of reinforced concrete structures, using non-linear fracture mechanics to describe the cracking. Modelling of the bond between the reinforcement and the concrete, and material modelling of the concrete has been studied in several research projects.

Projects within the following subjects are currently on-going:
  • The structural effects of reinforcement corrosion
  • Use of FEM in design and assessment of bridges
  • Fibre reinforced concrete
  • Textile reinforced concrete
  • Concrete structures subjected to blast and fragment impact loading

Lightweight Structures

At the Lightweight Structures​ researchgroup, the approach to research methodology is different for wood/timber projects and steel-related projects. Steel-related projects are based on the effective combination of a few tests in the laboratory and advanced simulations using computer analysis. Wood/timber-related projects require a large number of experiments due to the large variation in all material parameters, and are thus based on a large amount of data, statistical analysis and physical models in order to understand the complex behaviour of timber under load and in different environmental conditions. Advanced computer simulations are used to analyse the behaviour and models are compared and verified with experimental results of structural components, joints or structural systems.

Projects within the following subjects are currently on-going:
  • Fatigue strength of steel and composite bridges
  • Durability and long-term performance of bonded steel-FRP joints
  • Strengthening all types of structures with fibre-reinforced polymers (FRP)
  • Behaviour of structural connections (bonded and mechanical) between FRP bridge decks and steel girders
  • Bridges of fibre-reinforced polymers (FRP)


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