Acoustics Laboratory

Chalmers division of Applied Acoustics has one of the leading acoustics laboratories in Europe. The research facilities support researchers in their contribution to a sustainable built environment and infrastructure as well as European industry in it development of products and servides with appropriate  sound and vibration properties.
The laboratories comprise a teaching laboratory, an anechoic chamber, a sound insulation suite (comprised of four reverberation chambers), a test hall, and a laboratory space for vibroacoustic research. There is also a psychoacoustics and infrasonics & low frequency laboratory. It is located in a hemi-unechoic chamber for psychoacoustic testing.
Moreover, there are facilities for air-borne ultrasonics experiments, measurement, and testing. The Room Acoustics Group also has a substantial part in what today are called auralisation techniques. These open the possibility to listen to binaural and ambisonics simulations of the sound fields of rooms and outdoor environments, already at the planning stage using virtual acoustics software. This group also has its own flexible and modular virtual reality lab, where vibration, auditory and visual stimuli can be combined.


Wolfgang Kropp, Applied Acoustics
Visiting address: Sven Hultins gata 8a

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