Division of Geology and Geotechnics

The research and education within the division is focused on geotechnics and engineering  geology, with educational activities also including road and traffic planning. These broad fields  comprise of e.g. properties of soft soils and crystalline rocks, groundwater flow and contamination, management of risks at  contaminated sites and in drinking water supply systems, and planning and designing of roads and traffic systems. When analysing, planning and designing foundations, tunnels, roads or remedial measures, we work with the site specific conditions, given by the inherent and partly uncertain properties of soil, rock and groundwater.

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In order to find environmentally and technically sustainable solutions to engineering problems, the Division has close collaboration with stakeholders in the water, construction and transport sectors. Collaboration across geographical regions and disciplines is the basis for our research and educational activities. The Division offers courses to practitioners in different topics, e.g. in soft soil modelling, statistical analysis of data for contaminated sites and grouting and we have several industrial PhD-students.


The division gives courses in the core areas at Bachelor, Master, as well as on PhD levels. There is a teaching group in Road & Traffic contributing to a number of courses at Bachelor and Master's level in traffic planning and road technology. Below are the main courses for 2016 listed , but this list will change gradually during the implementation of the new Education Programmes.

Bachelor’s level

• Teknisk geologi • Geoteknik med grundläggning • Geoteknik • Hydrologi och hydrogeologi • Tätorters funktioner och utformning • Teknisk samhällsplanering • Väg- och trafikteknik • Projektarbete anläggning • Geodesi

Master’s level

• Modelling and problem solving in civil engineering • Engineering Geology • Risk assessment and decision support in engineering • Geotechnics • Infrastructural geo engineering • Environmental risk assessment in engineering • Urban Traffic Planning • Road Engineering

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