Urban and Regional Transformations

​This research group researches urban and regional transformations, and has a specific focus directed towards the relationship between centre and peripheries in the urban and regional landscape, and how this relationship currently is being transformed. The research group studies the interrelationship between space and social phenomena and connects these socio-spatial transformations to ongoing political processes.

The research group analyses urban planning and design processes, and approaches such transformations from a critical perspective, drawing from social science as well as from architectural and design perspectives. One of our specific areas of research is how interests, conflicts and power relations between the city and its regional hinterlands are addressed and dealt with in planning contexts on both local, regional and national levels. Another of our specific areas of research addresses the current migration flows and analyses the consequences of how migrants currently are being distributed to areas outside the regional cores. Furthermore, we develop theories and methods to analyse socio-spatial consequences of the division between centre and peripheries, span the gap between local and regional planning and develop the interplay between urban and rural landscapes.

The research group has an active national and international network within academia as well as within practice and is collaborating with a number of stakeholders within the Region Västra Götaland and the Region Skåne. The research group is also actively contributing to the education, especially on the master’s level.

Keyword: Critical perspectives, design theory, social science, socio-spatial perspectives, power, urban planning and design.

Page manager Published: Wed 28 Mar 2018.