Research Evaluation Posters ACE

Research Evaluation Posters

​​A research evaluation poster session took place during a visit of an evaluation panel at Chalmers during spring 2018.  The research groups show posters, with focus on scientific results/methods/developments, that the they want to highlight.

The assessment was carried out by an international panel and is based on a self-evaluation report and a site visit. The assessment of research at ACE as well as on all departments at Chalmers is part of the on-going preparation for a national assessment of research.​

The research posters from the research groups:

Division of Applied Acoustics/Avdelningen för teknisk akustik

  • Levitate, Acoustic levitation with localised tactile and audio feedback for mid-air interactions. Research group Audiotechnology/Forskargrupp audioteknik.
  • Traffic noise.The Tyre/Road Interaction Model. Urban Sound Planning. Squeal noise, tram and train. Vibroacoustics Research Group/forskargrupp Vibroakustik.
Division of Architectural Theory and Methods/Avdelningen för arkitekturens teori och metod
  • Reconstructing the Stockholm Exhibition 1930. Stockholmsutställningen 1930 rekonstruerad.Atli Magnus Seelow.
  • Divisual, Dialogue and Visualization for Urban Transformation. A research group integrating research on citizen and actor dialogue with digital visualization, games, open data and other digital tools. DiVisual Research group/DiVisual forskargrupp.
  • The Architecture& Computation research group, Exploring digital technologies and design in terms of techniques, discourses and applications in practice. Architecture and Computation Research Group.
Division of Building Design/Avdelningen för byggnadsdesign
  • Centre for Housing Architecture (CBA). Centre for Housing Architecture is a national arena in Sweden for dissemination of knowledge, discussion as well as research and development on housing and residential architecture. Centrum för boendets arkitektur (CBA).
  • Centre for healthcare architecture. CVA, a knowledge node in the development of Swedish healthcare. Centrum för vårdens arkitektur (CVA).
Division of Building Services Engineering/Avdelningen för installationsteknik
  • Contamination control in operating theatres. Reduction of Risk for Airborne Infection During Advanced Orthopedic Surgery.
  • Building Services Engineering. About Self-regulating Chilled Beams and Children’s Thermal Sensation.
Division of Building Technology/Avdelningen för byggnadsteknologi
  • Innovative research in building and construction materials – from defensive to offensive for gaining more with little. Building Materials Research Group/forskargrupp Byggnadsmaterial.
  • Building Physics Modelling, The research group aims at generating new knowledge leading to resource efficient buildings with good indoor environment. Building Physics Modelling. Research Group, forskargrupp Byggnadsfysikalisk modellering.
  • Infrastructure Physics, The research area infrastructure physics treats the influence of outdoor climate on the short and long term performance of a physical infrastructure. Infrastructure Physics Research Group/forskargrupp Infrastrukturfysik.
  • Advanced building stock modelling – a holistic perspective on urban mining, carbon mitigation, and energy efficiency potentials as well as socio-economic impacts. Research group Sustainable Building/forskargrupp Hållbart byggande.
Division of Construction Management/Avdelningen för construction management,
  • Construction management, An inter-disciplinary discipline focusing on the management of the whole construction process to improve and prepare the sector to face present and future challenges such as IT implementation or sustainability.
Division of Geology and Geotechnics/Avdelningen för geologi och geoteknik,
  • Engineering Geology (EGR), Land and water resources. Engineering Geology Research Group.
  • Exploring the emerging response of sensitive clays across the scales. Latest advances in testing and modelling from microscale to engineering scale. Geotechnics Research Group,
  • Multimodality in Urban Context. Framework for Accessible and Connected Transportation Infrastructure. Road and Traffic Research Group.
  • Smoothing traffic flow dynamicks via vehicle trajectory control. Optimal control for safer, greener and more efficient transport infrastructure. Road and Traffic Research Group.
Division of Structural Engineering/Avdelningen för konstruktionsteknik
  • Concrete structures. Concrete Structures Research Group/forskargrupp Betongbyggnad
  • Lightweight structures. Lightweight Structures Research Group/forskargrupp Lättviktskonstruktioner.
Division of Urban Design and Planning/Avdelningen för stadsbyggnad
  • Compact cities. Compact cities in the global north and south. Critical services in informal settlements of the global south. Research group Compact cities/forskargruppen Kompakta städer.
  • Spatial morphology group (SMoG). Forskargruppen SMoG.
  • Urban and regional transformations – investigations of spatial inequalities and uneven geographic development. Urban and Regional Transformations Research Group/ forskargruppen Urbana och regionala omvandlingar.
Division of Water Environment Technology/Avdelningen för vatten miljö teknik
  • Bioelectrochemical systems for resource recovery from waste streams. Bioresource Labs research group.
  • Tracking UV irradiation dose during drinking water treatment. DRICKS Ramprogrammet för dricksvattenforskning vid Chalmers/The DRICKS Framework programme for drinking water research at Chalmers.
  • Aligning the analytical windows of multivariate chemical datasets using data fusion. DRICKS Ramprogrammet för dricksvattenforskning vid Chalmers/The DRICKS Framework programme for drinking water research at Chalmers.
  • Urban Environments and Systems (UES). Urban Environments and Systems Research Group.
  • Urban metabolism research agenda, development of novel analytical methods to study urban systems from a holistic perspective. Urban Metabolism Research Group.
  • Urban Water and Materials. Urban Water and Materials (UWM) research focuses on polluted urban runoff, landfill leachate, sediments, soils and ashes. Urban Water and Materials Research Group.​

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