Architecture and Computation

​The Architecture and Computation research group investigates the continuously advancing potential of digital technologies and computation in the conception, design and production, as well as discourses of architecture. Centred in the disciplinary role of architecture, equal emphasis is put on future roles of the architect in practice as influenced by new digital design methodologies, and the value of experimentation as a research strategy. The research is conducted through individual research projects, exploration through architectural pedagogy and design practice. The common thread lies in the use of the architectural design project as a vessel for research by employing a research-by-design approach.
The following research trajectories are significant within the group.
  • The role of digital and computational methods for the advancement of disciplinary knowledge and discourses within architecture.
  • Applied computational methodologies for advanced design in terms of concepts, design development and fabrication in architectural design projects.
  • Strategic development of workflows for collaboration tied to architectural practice.
All group members are architects with advanced skills in digital design, computation and digital fabrication experienced in practice, teaching and research. Important research venues for the group include ongoing studios and courses at bachelor and Masters level, the Chalmers ACE robotic fabrication lab, individual research projects and the practice contexts among the members.
The Architecture and Computation research group is part of the Division of Architectural Theory and Methods, at the Chalmers Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering.

Current research projects

Beyond Efficiency, Design for a socially engaged energy efficiency in the sustainable city
Participant: Jonas Runberger
Partners: KTH, Konstfack, SLU
Funder: The Swedish Energy Commission


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