Department Faculty Assembly

​At Chalmers, each department has its own faculty assembly constituting an independent body and deal with operational issues from an academic perspective. The faculty have an advisory function in terms of research and development issues and appoints the nominating committee.
Chairman of the Faculty: Paula Femenías
Vice Chairman: Pär Johansson


Bijan  Adl-Zarrabi, Building Technology
Al-Emrani, Structural Engineering

Claes Alén
Geology and Geotechnics​
Monica Billger, Architectural Theory and Methods
Claes Caldenby, Architectural Theory and Methods
Jan-Olof Dalenbäck, Building Services Engineering 
Jelke  Dijkstra, Geology and Geotechnics​
Isabelle Doucet, Architectural Theory and Methods
Paula Femenías, Building Design
Jens Forssén, Applied Acoustics
Kristina Grange, Urban Design and Planning
Yuliya  Kalmykova, Water Environment Technology​
Minna Karstunen, Geology and Geotechnics
Wolfgang Kropp, Applied Acoustics
Göran  Lindahl, Construction Management
Karin Lundgren, Structural Engineering
Lars Marcus, Urban Design and Planning
Oskar  Modin, Water Environment Technology
Fredrik Nilsson, Architectural Theory and Methods
Jenny Norrman, Geology and Geotechnics
Ola Nylander, Building Design​
Karl-Gunnar Olsson, Architectural Theory and Methods
Thomas  Pettersson, Water Environment Technology ​
Mario  Plos, Structural Engineering
Xiaobo QuGeology and Geotechnics​
Sébastien Rauch, Water Environment Technology
Lars Rosén, Geology and Geotechnics
Nina Ryd, Building Design
Christine Räisänen, Construction Management
Angela Sasic Kalagasidis, Building Technology
Ann-Margret Strömvall, Water Environment Technology
Luping Tang, Building Technology
Liane Thuvander, Architectural Theory and Methods​
Holger Wallbaum, Building Technology
Britt-Marie Wilén, Water Environment Technology

Artistic Professor

Cristiana CairaBuilding Design
Anna-Johanna Klasander, Urban Design and Planning
Jonas Runberger, Architectural Theory and Methods
Walter UnterrainerBuilding Design

Associate Professor (Docent)   

Jens  Ahrens, Applied Acoustics
Meta Berghauser Pont, Urban Design and Planning​
Martine  Buser, Construction Management
Ignasi Fernandez, Structural Engineering​
Eleni Gerolymatou, Geology and Geotechnics
Jorge Gil, Urban Design and Planning
Mathias  Gustafsson, Construction Management
Alexander Hollberg, Building Technology
Patrik  Höstmad, Applied Acoustics
Helén  Jansson, Building Technology
Robert Jockwer, Structural Engineering/Building Technology

Pär  Johansson, Building Technology​
Johan Linton, Architectural Theory and Methods
Frank Persson, Water Environment Technology
Mattias Roupé, Construction Management
Despoina Teli, Building Services Engineering

Senior Lecturer

Ayman Abed, Geology and Geotechnics
Mozhdeh AmaniStructural Engineering​
Nils Björling, Urban Design and Planning
Mia  Bondelind, Water Environment Technology
Lena Falkheden, Urban Design and Planning
Caroline Ingelhammar, Construction Management
Mats Karlsson, Geology and Geotechnics
Joosef  Leppänen, Building Technology
Torbjön  Lindholm, Building Services Engineering
Daniel Norell, Architectural Theory and Methods​
Marie Strid, Building Design
Viktoria Sundquist, Construction Management
Anders  Trüschel, Building Services Engineering

Assistant Professor

Arezou Baba Ahmadi, Building Technology​
Kun Gao, Geology and Geotechnics
Dimosthenis KifokerisConstruction Management
Maud Lanau, Building Technology


Eva Amborg, Architectural Theory and Methods
Anna Braide, Building Design
Peter Christsensson, Architectural Theory and Methods
Stefano Delia, Architectural Theory and Methods
Mikael Ekegren, Building Design
Björn Gross, Building Design
Peter Lindblom, Architectural Theory and Methods
Jonas Lundberg, Architectural Theory and Methods​​
Tabita Nilsson, Architectural Theory and Methods
Joaquim Tarraso, Urban Design and Planning

Artistic Senior Lecturer

Louise Didriksson, Urban Design and Planning
Henrik Markhede, Urban Design and Planning
Johanna Eriksson, Building Design

Senior Researcher

Marco Adelfio, Urban Design and Planning
Quan Jin
Building Technology​

Andreas Lindhe, Geology and Geotechnics
Kathleen  Murphy, Water Environment Technology
Krystyna Pietrzyk, Building Design
Rasmus RemplingStructural Engineering​
Leonardo  Rosado, Water Environment Technology
Ioanna Stavroulaki, Urban Design and Planning
Malgorzata Zboinska, Architectural Theory and Methods


Julia Fredriksson, Urban Design and Planning
Joanna Gregorowicz-Kipszak, Urban Design and Planning
Yutaka Goto, Building Technology
Mikael Johansson, Construction Management
Jesper Knutsson, Water Environment Technology
Astrid Pieringer, Applied Acoustics
Mikael Viklund Tallgren, Construction Management
Yevheniya Volchko, Geology and Geotechnics

Artistic Teacher

Emilio Da Cruz Brandao, Urban Design and Planning
Maja Kovacs, Architectural Theory and Methods
Shea Hagy, Building Technology


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