Wild Poethics: Exploring relational and embodied practices in urban-making

​This small exhibition showcases the PhD work of Anna Maria Orrù. It includes six films that form part of the thesis entitled ‘wild poethics’. Alongside the films, there is the Chalmers printed book, but also a mock-up box publication of the thesis’ graphic intention - as a treasure box for embarking on a journey. In addition there are seven small art-book publications from Vegetable Lamb Press (wooden box) that also form part of the PhD work.
This is a voyage of poethical proportion – poetic, political and ethical. We travel to a fictional Island of Encounters reaching four destinations: Alba (body/curiosity), Agora (fiction/performance), Clinamen (atmosphere/imagination), and Plūris (metaphor/swarming). Our journey’s challenge is two-fold: to generate embodied methodologies in urban-making to approach relational space matters, and to stage space for naturecultures to encourage vibrant materialist relations so as to bypass the hegemonic and paralysing attitude of the Anthropocene.

Our aim is to render a more profound relation with the spatial environment using our bodies. As our journey unfolds, the encounters are underpinned by visits to theoretical neighbourhoods nested in feminist spatial practice, vibrant relationscapes, worlding, affective atmospheres, imagination, spatial-temporal in-betweeness and assemblage-thinking. By immersing our full wider body into a space/time entangle, a critical materiality emerges that can infuse urban-making, render the body a more refined medium, and reactivate architectural thinking and making.

The exhibition is shown in the reception of SB-building at 3rd floor, November 29 - December 8, 2017.

Defence date - December 7, 2017. 9:15 am. Lecture hall SB-H5.
Doctoral Dissertation
| ISBN: 978-91-7597-616-7
Chalmers University of Technology | Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering
This exhibition is kindly supported by the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, and the AHA Festival. A special thank you to Jon Geib who helped prepare and curate.

Published: Wed 29 Nov 2017. Modified: Mon 04 Dec 2017