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Wernstedt Sketch 2021: 1st Prize winner

​Hugo Henriksson 1st Prize winner with the project Outpost.

1st Prize

Author: Hugo Henriksson, Student MPARC Prize: 7000 SEK

"THE OUTPOST is pure concentration. It uses everything in the context to its advantage. Its response to the traffic with the loading dock and the big drifting, party square using the building as a backdrop towards the activities on the riverside with the boat deck and pedestrian bridge. Once inside the building you will take the elevator to the top and walking a very theatrical path descending through the exhibition space all the way down to the restaurant on the boat deck level. It has a very robust structure that could easily be subdivided and used in a flexible way. The exhibition areas are mainly artificially lit, so the only minor drawback is the possibility of daylight from above. Otherwise, a perfectly balanced and solved solution that embrace the shed like structures along the river with its temporary rawness."


The proposals were judged by the following persons:
Professor Gert Wingårdh, President of the Wernstedt ’21Jury
Petra Gipp, Architect MAA/SAR/MSA, Petra Gipp Arkitektur,Stockholm
Nisse Hassellöf, Architect SAR/MSA, QPG Arkitektur,Göteborg, appointed by the local Architect’s Association, SAVG, Sveriges Arkitekter Västra Götaland
Lecturer Björn Gross as Secretary to the Jury

2nd Prize

Author: John Arvidsson, Student MPARC Prize: 5000 SEK

Shared 3rd Prize

Author: Theo Belzons, Student MPARC Prize: 3000 SEK

Shared 3rd Prize

Author: Ulrike Donnerhack, Student MPARC Prize: 3000 SEK


Author: Lina Zachrisson & Mahsa Mohammadi, Student MPARC​

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