Wernstedt ’14 winning entry Cracking Ice

​Wernstedt ’14 Student Competition ‘An Art Gallery’ was won by a Swedish and a French Master student while Belgium caught both 2nd and 3rd prizes.

‘An Art Gallery – Carolus Rex’


1st Prize

Motto : cracking Ice
Author : Petrus Torstenson & Florent Meilland Master Students MPARC Prize: 5000 SEK
One very few of projects to address actively both the gallery and the fortress Carolus Rex by way of positioning surprisingly the entrance facing the old ramparts and by this urban act it gives the forgotten fortification structure a
whole new expanded mission. A clear but somewhat enigmatic object is separated from the ramparts but connected by the urban stairs leading up to unexpected entrance at the top level. A refined and accurate visual presentation makes the intention immediately readable.

2nd Prize

Motto : wall ll ery
Authors: Kristof Van Damme & Marie Bemelmans Master Students MPARC Prize: 3000 SEK
The building mass and the urban planning allows freestanding objects. With entrances on either side and by using the height difference and the natural slope of the site an internal height difference is created from the slope in the
opposite direction, enabling sufficient space for the loading bay and also a pleasant promenade inside leading to a huge double height exhibition space. Then you turn around and you find a fully uncluttered space. There are several different routes of circulation e.g. a few stairs outside the wall animating the streetscape with movements of visitors.

3rd Prize

Motto: in between lines
Authors: Louise Vanderlinden & Pieter Dosche Master Students MPARC Prize: 2000 SEK
A flexible space with no big gestures – the elevated volume on tall and slender columns frames the Carolus Rex in a beautiful way. The stairs and the circulation interact with the art space and have a calming impact for the profound experience of artwork. The composition is humble to the site and has qualities when approaching from different directions. The great wall is well integrated in the design.

Mention 1

Motto: the wall gallery
Author : Cristina Sanchez Bueno Master Student MPARC

Mention 2

Motto: limebox
Author : Johan Nordvall Master Student MPARC
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Prize Jury '14
Gert Wingårdh, president of the jury
Manuelle Gautrand, external member of the jury
Andrea Hulting Gustafson, member of the jury nominated by the local association of Swedish Architects
Sten Gromark, secretary to the jury and course examiner MPARC Architectural Competitions
More information:
Sten Gromark, Professor, Department of Architecture, Chalmers University of Technology, sgromark@chalmers.se

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