The new app Avidnote makes it easier to read and write research papers online

​This week the web-based app Avidnote was launched ( which enables researchers to keep and organize research notes systematically online.
Avidnote has been produced by a group of researchers and developers from Chalmers who have developed a web-based application that helps researchers review and organize their research articles in a platform that makes it easier for them to keep track of their research texts and keep a systematic overview of ongoing writing projects.

With Avidnote, researchers can annotate research literature digitally by linking uploaded articles with their own notes. This is done in an interface where the user's notes and articles are placed side by side. Users can also import new articles via a search function, as well as search through all their notes and organize them by placing them in different digital notebooks (tags) depending on the category.

The development has been led by Dr. Abderisak Adam, who worked as a researcher at the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, where he also received his doctorate.

– Avidnote came from a direct need that I encountered during my doctoral studies at Chalmers. We noticed that most researchers and students still wrote all their research notes by hand in the margins of printed articles. This process can instead be digitized and improved, which was the goal of Avidnote, says Abderisak Adam.

The application currently has over 1000 researchers from over 80 universities who have signed up, of which over 700 researchers have actively used the app. It is recommended by several universities on their websites, including Princeton University and the University of Connecticut.

– The majority of users have come from USA and Sweden. During this spring semester, we have also invited students who are writing their thesis work to try out the app. The responses we have received so far have been very positive.

Avidnote is part of Foundersloft, an incubator located in Chalmers E-village.

To try the app, you can visit:

For further information contact:
Abderisak Adam, one of the founders of Avidnote, +46700730586

Page manager Published: Tue 09 Feb 2021.