Framtidens förvaring

The Future of Domestic Storage

​Chalmers architecture students investigate the future of domestic storage through forming plastic sheets with a robotic arm and filling the structure with a living material, mycelium. This fall, the Material & Detail studio at Chalmers University of Technology is addressing the urgent need for sustainable compact housing for urban migrants with integrated storage. Through a partnership with the HSB Living Lab and the Smart Storage project, the studio has crafted future scenarios for domestic environments. The scenarios are rethinking the problem of storage which in some sense can be considered a luxury of the urban dweller and even more so in the future.
To design the storage units, the studio has chosen to work with two very different materials; sheets made of recycled PETG plastic and the vegetative part of a fungus; mycelium. The plastic sheets are formed using a robotic arm and a specific technique called Single Point Incremental sheet Forming (SPIF). To add rigidity to the structure, the plastic sheets are combined with mycelium which is a growing, organic material. Focus has been on how digital geometry undergoes a transition when applied to a material.

The students have articulated their scenarios for the future through experimental furniture pieces that are now being built full-scale and will be installed in the HSB Living Lab at Chalmers campus Johanneberg. In an exhibition at the Living Lab the full-scale proposals will be displayed together with seven competing design entries and the experimental research the studio has done during the semester on both mycelium and robotic forming of plastic sheets.

A warm welcome to the opening of the exhibition on Tuesday the 20th of December from 16.00 in the HSB Living Lab located at Chalmers University of Technology. Presentation and various talks will take place at 17.00. You will be met by refreshments, snacks and perhaps a sneak peek into the future.

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