Image of screen with video conference delegates
Screenshot of the Gallery view (zoom) showing the 80+ participants. Online group photo by Anders Logg

Successful virtual kick-off for the Digital Twin Cities Centre

​With over 80 participants representing 30 partners from academia, industry and the public sector, the new Digital Twin Cities Centre (DTCC) was launched in a virtual kick-off event.
Due to the Covid-19 situation, the kick-off took place in the form of a large video conference.

 – We were looking forward to meeting physically to really engage in discussions, but under these circumstances we all have to change the way we work and luckily we are well prepared to do most DTCC activities online”, says Bernd Ketzler, Centre Coordinator. 
Besides introducing all partners to the operations of the centre, the main purpose of the event was to start the discussions on concrete research activities. Through several online workshops and a survey, all partners will work together to establish a detailed plan in the next few weeks.  Lina Vicsai, Ramboll Sweden, stresses the importance of collaboration across disciplines and sectors:
 – Building a Digital Twin of a city has tremendous potential to create value to the society at large and its citizens. Through co creation and exchange of ideas we can solve the challenges”.
One of the Swedish flagship projects is “Virtual Gothenburg”, aiming to create a digital copy of Gothenburg to plan, manage and build the city more efficiently. Eric Jeansson, project lead for Virtual Gothenburg, presented the city’s ambitious vision at the kick-off and highlighted the potentials of Digital Twins for municipalities.

 – In the forthcoming decades our cities will face the greatest challenges ever. In order to address these and trying to bring the city into the future, we must find new approaches. A digital twin can help us plan, manage and maintain our city in a much smarter and efficient way, which will be essential when it comes to fulfilling our common goals for a sustainable society.”
The Centre Director Professor Anders Logg from Chalmers is very pleased that the centre is now operational.
 – We have been working towards this day for a long time, first in preparing the centre application and then working hard with administrative preparations for the launch of the centre and the kick-off. I’m very happy that DTCC is now officially launched and look forward to working closely together with all the talented participants of the centre.”


The Digital Twin Cities Centre hosted by Chalmers is 1 of 21 competence centres funded by VINNOVA, Sweden’s innovation agency. ​The centre aims to establish Digital Twin Cities as the foundation for digital planning, design, construction and management of sustainable, intelligent and inclusive Swedish cities and regions. A broad consortium of 30 Swedish and international stakeholders will cooperate in the Digital Twin Cities Centre. Cutting-edge research will be conducted in eight different research areas, covering all aspects needed to develop large-scale digital twin technology. 

Page manager Published: Fri 27 Mar 2020.