Wernstedt Sketch Prize 2016
​Ritual Union.
​Christofer Ödmark.

Ritual Union winner of the Wernstedt Sketch Prize 2016

​Christofer Ödmark receives 1st Prize for his entry to the competition "A Wedding Pavilion on Saltholmen".

1st Prize

Author : Christofer Ödmark Student MPARC Prize: 5000 SEK

Motivation of the prize jury:

With great conceptual clarity the project convinces with simplicity, elegance and robustness. The solid socle base of granite and the contrasting light roof structure resonates and negotiates well with the local landscape and established building traditions. Simplicity of materials and form suggest long term endurance and easy to maintain for ages to come. The encircling ceremonial walk up to the central platform heightens anticipations opening up to offer a 360 degrees view to the surrounding astounding horizon. Carefully considered in height to perfectly frame the horizon line this becomes the backdrop for the act of union. The model and graphical material communicate the project intent and qualities with great skill and efficiency of expression. The jury notes that the question of accessibility has been addressed with a suggested platform lift. This is not a fully satisfying solution to bring the physically impaired to take part in the event with dignity.

Melchior Wernstedt Student Competition Prize Jury 2016

Gert Wingårdh, president of the jury
Pernilla Ohrstedt, external member of the jury
Malin Michaelson, member of the jury nominated by the local association of Swedish Architects
Sten Gromark, secretary to the jury and cours examiner MPARC Architectural Competitions 2016

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