3rd prize winners Prisad färg 2018
​Michelle Lundin, Linnea Englund, Matilda Olsson & Lisa Johansson (Maria Elander missing in photo)

Prisad färg 2018: This year´s theme - The Colour Blue

​3rd prize to Michelle Lundin, Linnea Englund, Maria Elander, Matilda Olsson, Lisa Johansson, Architecture, Chalmers, for their proposal "Sky, Sea, Rain" in the colour design competition for newly graduataed and students of design, architecture, visual communication and art in Sweden.​
​Jury Justification: We are fooled into thinking that we see everything the same. This contribution shows what diversity our experiences and associations represent. 100 people in Gothenburg with similar background experienced heaven, sea and rain in a blue scale in infinitely many ways. This survey shows that we see the same things but experience it differently. This shows the wide color palette we see.

More information at http://colourspot.org​​

Published: Fri 08 Feb 2019.