Children and youth as co-creators of urban space
​Text: Jenny Stenberg
Photos: Barbro Johansson & Sandra Hillén

Mappa Kullen – youth in Hammarkullen developing the city

​The research project »Children and youth as co-creators of urban space« is funded by Formas for three years. Involved researchers are Sandra Hilllén, GU; Jenny Stenberg, Chalmers; Barbro Johansson, GU; Monica Billger, Chalmers; Lasse Fryk, GU; Ola Terlegård, Nytorpskolan; Liane Thuvander, Chalmers. Web: The project aims to develop knowledge of how children and youth as part of their regular school work can influence and develop the urban space, and how city planners and other officials can use children and youth’s proposals in their regular planning processes.

In order to make a first test in reality, the project in December 2017 carried out a cooperation with a primary school in Hammarkullen under the "Student’s choice". The students in Nytorpskolan had the task of collecting knowledge among schoolmates and other residents in Hammarkullen for some days, about which places they like/dislike and which ones are in need of development. For this purpose, the students learned to use Maptionnaire, a map-based survey tool which is being developed in research and needs to be tested in different contexts.

When the most interesting places were appointed, the students made three different design proposals led by
their artistic and social science teachers and with support from GU, Chalmers and municipal/regional »architectural advisors«. As part of the work on the theme of democracy in school, they presented them as »Gothenburg Proposal« on the municipal website and began collecting votes for the proposals. Proposals that receive more than 200 votes will be considered by relevant committee and decision on implementation may occur. Regardless of whether the proposals become reality or not, it is interesting from a democratic point of view to study how the municipality works with citizens’ influence. The students with their teachers will follow up on how the process develops.

The research project will continue to implement various types of partnerships with the primary school in Hammarkullen to seek knowledge of how this type of
impact of children and youth can be made to an ordinary process, both in school and in urban transformation processes.

Here you can read about and vote for the proposals (in Swedish):


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