Portrait of Olof Bergstedt combined with a detail from a drinking water plant

Honorary doctor in drinking water technology

​Olof Bergstedt is awarded an honorary doctorate for his significant research work in the field of applied drinking water technology. His expertise has proven central in strengthening the collaboration between drinking water researchers at Chalmers, and water producers in Sweden and the Nordics.
​Olof Bergstedt holds a Master of Science degree in Engineering from Chalmers and is an adjunct professor at the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, and the DRICKS centre. He is also a drinking water specialist at Sustainable Waste and Water, City of Gothenburg.

His research has focused on developing and improving drinking water preparations in waterworks, and consequently public health. He has also assisted the national water disaster group VAKA with water crises in Sweden. Olof Bergstedt has received several awards from industry and societal organisations. In particular, he was the recipient of the Pumphandle Award in 2008, from the John Snow Society Scandinavia, where he was praised for his research contributing to safer drinking water. 

Olof Bergstedt completed his Master of Science degree in 1987 and has remained in contact with Chalmers ever since. He has contributed to many national and international research projects, mainly through his involvement in the research centre DRICKS at Chalmers.
Olof Bergstedt will, together with two fellow doctorates, receive his award during the Chalmers doctoral degree ceremony in Gothenburg Concert Hall in Gothenburg on May 18, 2019.

Page manager Published: Wed 27 Mar 2019.