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Formas grant 46 millions to research in built environment

In Formas' recently announced decisions for calls in the built environemnt area, ACE's share of granted projects is worth close to SEK 46.5 million, a number which is even higher taking earlier announced calls into account. The projects that have been granted span several different research areas, divisions and research groups, which highlights the versatility and breadth within the department.
​The approved applications, which aim to understand and meet the need for sustainable and resilient structures and systems in society, was composed despite the spring semester being characterized by a pandemic and work from home, and after the overall austerity measures came into force.   

   – It's fantastic seeing these successfull applications! Our joint efforts in recent years are coming into effect and it is becoming increasingly clear that society's challenges need our broad knowledge and competence. This shows the strength of ACE as a department and not least the strength of our researchers, says Fredrik Nilsson, head of the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering. 

New research projects receives funding

In the Formas annual open call:  

Towards net-zero infrastructure: fixing clay with clay
Jelke Dijkstra, Geology and Geotechnics     
3 000 000   
Oxidation Demand and Rate (ODaR) as a sensitive proxy of biostability in drinking water
Kathleen Murphy, Water Environemnt Technology  
3 000 000   
Life Cycle Assessment and Circular Economy in building design practice – Two sides of the same coin?
Holger Wallbaum, Building Technology
3 000 000    

In the Formas annual open call for early-career researchers:

Shedding light on internal damage: fibre optic-driven condition assessment of corroded concrete structures
Ignasi Fernandez, Structural Engineering
4 000 000  

Managing risks and improving soil functions by Gentle Remediation Options (GRO)
Yevheniya Volchko, Geology and Geotechnics   
3 999 000   

In the Climate gains through resource efficiency call:

Design for Adaption for resource efficient timber structures   
Yutaka Goto, Building Technology   
7 980 000   

Improving Resource-Efficiency in the Circular Value Chain of Plastic in Construction
Holger Wallbaum, Building Technology
7 228 000  

In the Climate change adaption of the built environment call:

Quantification of the impact of climate change on the built environment at regional scale    
Minna Karstunen, Geology and Geotechnics
7 997 000   
Resilient stormwater management in a changing climate - optimizing gully pots
Mia Bondelind, Water Environment Technology
7 996 762  

In the International network grant for the SDGs  call:

Roadmap towards adaptability of timber buildings    
Robert  Jockwer, Structural Engineering
200 000


Decided calls from some previous Formas rounds HT2021

With the decided calls announced in October 2021 included, the total value of grants is about 68 millions. In the previous round of decided grants the following projects were decided:

In the From research to to implementation for a sustainable society call:

Framtagande av ett digitalt verktyg som möjliggör en integrerad analys av sociala, ekonomiska, ekologiska och kulturhistoriska intressen vid planering av transportinfrastruktur i stadsmiljöer
Meta Berghauser Pont, Urban Design and planning
3 920 000

Det cirkulära köket från prototyp till tillämpning
Paula Femenias, Building Design
4 000 000
Sustainable Utilisation and Treatment of Dredged Marine Sediments
Ann-Margret Strömvall, WET
3 870 000 

In the Rural areas and regional development call:

Att underlätta en ny landsbygd bortom BNP genom ett gemenskapsoperativsystem (COS)
Marco Adelfio , Urban Design and Planning
8 000 000

Text: Catharina Björk

Page manager Published: Thu 02 Dec 2021.