First Prize in the 2017 Wernstedt Sketch

​This year’s Master student Wernstedt competition First Prize in the 2017 MPARC Architectural Competition Course ‘A Space for Waiting’ was shared by Johannes TSAGARAKIS and Meng ZHOU, MPARC students.
A second prize was awarded to Daniel KRABBE along with four mentions to Yue WANG, Brynjar BALDURSSON & Erik WIDELL, Roberto GARNFELDT and Marc SERRA URETA.  We congratulate the winners and mentions along with the whole course for an excellent result in general according to the jury.

1st Prize shared

Motto: Elements for waiting
Motto: Cloud

2nd Prize

Motto: Urban serenity
Mention 1 Motto: Void
Mention 2 Motto: Calm in the storm
Mention 3 Motto: 57 41’ 59 95’’
Mention 4 Motto: Waiting comb

On behalf of the jury
Sten Gromark, Professor of Architecture, Architect SAR/MSA, at Chalmers School of Architecture, Chalmers University of Technology, Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering.

Melchior Wernstedt Student Competition Prize Jury '17

Gert Wingårdh, president of the jury
Pye Aurell Ehrström, external member of the jury
Vanja Larberg, member of the jury nominated by the local association of Swedish Architects, SAVG
Sten Gromark, secretary to the jury and course examiner MPARC Architectural Competitions '17

Elements for waiting
Urban serenity

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