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Exhibition at Chalmers: Timber - Raw and Refined

​On Friday December 15, there is a vernissage for the exhibition "Timber - Raw and Refined", where the master’s students from Chalmers exhibit full-scale prototypes of outdoor furniture and roof completely made of digitally fabricated timber.
This fall semester, the Chalmers Architecture master studio Material & Detail has been investigating Cross Laminated Timber (CLT). The main focus has been the meeting between architecture, digital design and robotic manufacturing. The studio challenges students to experiment with, design and develop as well as refine the use of timber for construction in engineered and tooled assemblies with the potential for invention, innovation and unexpected material and spatial effects to emerge. Eight teams of students
have competed to design a new outdoor dining area for the Student Union Restaurant at Chalmers, which at the same time works as a vitalizing public space on campus. The results of the competition, along with full scale prototypes that make use of CLT, are presented in an exhibition

Timber is an excellent building material and resource, not only does it have low embodied energy, stores carbon and is entirely recyclable, but it is also a beautiful, tactile and easy to tool material commonly hidden in conventional construction. Sweden is one of the largest producers of timber in the world. Although we have mastered the use of sawn timber in inexpensive residential construction, we are essentially a raw material producer with a massive potential to develop new refined uses of timber and new industries.

Welcome to the opening of exhibition and full-scale prototypes, based on the winning projects - RE-TREE-T and PLANK SPACE, on Friday 15 December 2017 at

16:00 in the Student Union Building
, located at Chalmers University of Technology. Winter fire, light snacks and new acquaintances will be offered. All are welcome!

Material and Detail studio, Chalmers Architecture and Civil Engineering

Studio faculty: Jonas Lundberg, Daniel Norell, Karin Hedlund, Kengo Skorick, Jonas Runberger

Architecture workshop: Peter Lindblom, Tabita Nilsson
Teaching assistants: Friederike von Meiβner, Joel Montgomery-Claesson

Students: Achyut Siddu, Bo Han, Cansu Dogusal, Carolina Granholm, Frida Carlsson Göransdóttir, Henri Fuchs, Huimin Yu, Jeanna Berger, Joel Hilmersson, Johan Karlefeldt, Johan Dahlberg, Julia Olsson, Karl
Åhlund, Karolina Bloch, Laura Dallamassl, Léon Bührer, Lucas Spranger, Maddalena Rabuano, Manon Pinget, Markus Gustafsson, Mengqi Xue, Olga Litwa, Oskar Thor, Sandra Andersson, Sofia Hansson, Soichiro Yoshida, Stella-Marie Krex, Theodor Tsesmatzoglou, Yaojie Wang, Yunfan Zhang
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Chalmers University of Technology, Student union building, Chalmersplatsen 1

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Jonas Lundberg, Lecturer, Chalmers Architecture and Civil Engineering
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Jeanna Berger, Student
Tel: 073-069 09 12, email:

Thanks to:
Jesper Lundberg, Chalmers Konferens & Restauranger
Adam Vernhamn, Chalmersfastigheter

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