Ett skepp kommer lastat...

The Frölunda Kulturhus's latest exhibition represents the culmination of an artistic research project involving over 110 children and youth and a doctoral student 'from outer space'. Opening reception Friday, November 20, 13.00-19.30.
The exhibition hall
Children visiting the exhibitionThe project is a unique cross-institutional, multi-disciplinary collaboration between Chalmers University of Technology, Department of Architecture, Frölunda Culture House, The City of Gothenburg Cultural Department, Frölunda School, Önnered School, The International School of the Gothenburg Region (ISGR) and the EU-financed research project TRADERS (training art and design researchers in participation in/for public space).

Ett skepp kommer lastat... features a variety of hybrid artworks, made by both children and youth and Chalmers PhD researcher Jon Geib. They are displayed swirling around a participatory sculptural Children visiting the exhibition
installation which embodies the project's multiple metaphors: ships, apartments, spaceships, expeditions, laboratories.

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November 11 - 29

Frölunda Kulturhus, Exhibition Hall, Valthornsgatan
[Mon-Thu: 12.00-19.00; Fri-Sun: 12.00-16.00]

Opening reception Friday, November 20, 13.00-19.30

Children from Frölundaskolan, together with a researcher ‘from outer space’, have been exploring what it means to be ‘neighbors’. In parallel, their other ‘neighbors’ from Önneredsskolan and The International School of the Gothenburg Region (ISGR) were invited to embark on similar expeditions. We experimented with a constellation of indirect methods, focusing on visual expression between neighbors.

The Swedish children’s game, Ett skepp kommer lastat... [A ship comes loaded...] played a metaphorical role, building curiousity for getting to know our neighbors better, but also teaching us empathy and respect for what we cannot know: the limits of discovery, the “stranger”...the abundance, depth and richness of human experience.

Now, the metaphorical ship[s] have come in and docked for an exhibition at the Frölunda Kulturhus gallery, although at least one among them continues to curiously gather data, mistaking the shiny floor for an uncharted sea...

About Jon Geib:
Jon Geib is an urbanist and architect whose doctoral work explores the potential of multivocality in the designer's engagement with the city, in view of the themes of dialogue, participation and public space. The aim is to reorient concern along hybrid cultural, artistic and activist trajectories, towards values in processes as well as transformative results. Poetic frames, speculative urban designs and experimental prototypes for public policy act as 'dialogical infrastructures' geared to animate a cosmopolitan public culture.

Britta Andersson, Cultural Producer | 031-366 27 29

Jon Geib, PhD Researcher | 070-920 97 13

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