Oasis of Light - Dome - Outer cladding
Oasis of Light - Dome - Outer cladding.​​
​Illustration by Goswin Rothenthal, Djordje Spasic and René Ziegler, Waagner-Biro Stahlbau AG; Ateliers Jean Nouvel, architect and TDIC owner, "Oasis of Light - Dome - Outer cladding"

Digital design forces are emerging at the AAG2018

​​The biennial International Conference AAG - Advances in Architectural Geometry - is held in different European countries. This year it is held in Gothenburg, Sweden, September 22-25, hosted by Chalmers University of Technology. Swedish and international architects, engineers and mathematicians will attend the conference to discuss how powerful design tools can solve complex problems in architecture and construction technology.
Architecture meets mathematics and engineering and the digital. The conference includes 15 workshops led by researchers and practitioners from around the world.

Among the speakers are Caroline Bos, one of the founders of UN Studio, Philippe Block, Professor at ETH Zurich and Leader of the Block Research Group and Julie Dorsey, Professor of Computer Science at Yale.

Examples of questions to be examined during the conference include:
  • What role can an industrial robot have in the design process and for the production of architecture?
  • How do we use artificial intelligence and machine learning for analysis and design?
  • What new design opportunities are given by automated production tools?
  • In what ways can we optimize designs using digital technology?

The concept of computational design is central in this context, which means that the computational power of the computer is fully utilized in the design process, while the architect or engineer can directly adapt the methodology to different tasks. Here geometry, mathematics and digitalization meet in the solution of complex geometric problems, the simulation of construction, light or wind, or the rational production of advanced forms. At Chalmers, these methods are studied in the research groups Architecture & Engineering and Architecture & Computation.

picture of Jonas Runberger– Computational design helps us investigate and try alternative concepts in the early stages of design, in order to make intelligent and informed design and production choices. Here, Swedish construction industry can be cross-fertilized by the international context. The conference gives us a glimpse of where international architecture and engineering is today, concludes Karl-Gunnar Olsson, Professor of Architecture and Technology, and Jonas Runberger, Artistic Professor of Digital Design, both at Chalmers Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, ACE.

Jonas Runberger

September 22-23: workshops. 
September 24-25: seminars
Location: Chalmers, campus Johanneberg.

Registration is open. Welcome!

Read more about the conference and register at the AAG2018 home page: 

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