NorellRodhe_Skellefteå kulturhus_Exterior
Skellefteå kulturhus, exterior

Daniel Norell exhibits work at the Venice Architecture Biennale, ArkDes, and Yale University

​Daniel Norell, Lecturer at Chalmers ACE, exhibits design research work in three exhibitions in the fall of 2018 with his architecture practice Norell/Rodhe. “Plots Prints Projections” at the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale, “Public Luxury” at ArkDes in Stockholm, and “Adjacencies” at Yale University School of Architecture in the US.
"Plots Prints Projections" is an exhibition of full-scale structures that showcase new approaches to design and fabrication with wood. All works in the exhibition have been produced through collaborations between architects and industry partners. They combine technological and material innovation with architectural concerns such as representation, materiality, and structure. Norell/Rodhe’s project "Grain Figures", manufactured from CNC-cut plywood, takes the visible grain of the wood as a starting point for design. “Plots Prints and Projections” is part of the current Venice Architecture Biennale in Italy and runs through November 25. The exhibition gathers work by seven Swedish practices, is curated by Ulrika Karlsson, professor at KTH, and arranged by Architects Sweden, Folkhem, Swedish Wood, and the Swedish Institute. 

The exhibition “Public Luxury” at ArkDes, Sweden’s national centre for architecture and design in Stockholm, gathers large-scale commissions, installations and projects that tell stories about the struggle for public life in Sweden. Norell/Rodhe exhibits “Dead Ringers”, a full-scale kiosk that playfully evokes historical phone booths and other small, public urban
structures that are currently being removed from our cities. The installation is manufactured by projecting silhouettes of original booths onto blocks of EPS-foam using a numerically controlled hot-wire cutter. “Public Luxury” is curated by ArkDes director Kieran Long with Daniel Golling and Marie-Louise Richards and runs through January 13, 2019. 

Photo: Mikael Olsson

“Adjacencies” at the Yale University School of Architecture presents building proposals by fourteen architecture practices from the US and Europe. Together, these proposals showcase tendencies in contemporary architecture, including reinvestigation of history, forms of communication, composition, the cultivation of audiences, and explorations of the act of building. Norell/Rodhe exhibits “Supergroup” (illustration at top of the page), a recent competition project for a new cultural centre in Skellefteå, Sweden. The project features a colourful composition of interlocking building volumes which
reference the use of luminous, coloured plaster facades in Skellefteå. “Adjacencies” is curated by Nate Hume, crtitic at Yale School of Architecture. The exhibition runs through November 15.

Daniel Norell

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