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Architect students in digital master's thesis exhibition

​The exhibition where the master's students from the Architect program presents their work can for the second year in a row be found online – a format that favors the digital expression and processes under which the degree projects have taken shape. This year's graduation projects shows great span and creativity. Take part of the presentations and see the exhibition in full!
​The public and open seminars where master's students of 2021 from the Architect program present their final projects starts May 31 and goes on until June 3, and all presentations/examinations can be followed digitally. The digital format also means that the exhibition, which normally would be experienced live on campus Johanneberg, is open for a longer period on the exhibition's web:

This year's final exhibition has no specific theme, but Naima Callenberg, Artistic lecturer at the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering and curator of the exhibition, believes that it is clear that the pandemic have left its marks on the projects as they to a greater are extent digitally produced than previous years as a result of the restrictions.

    – Despite the situation, it is still very nice to see that the digital expression and processes are well suited to appear on a digital platform as we set up on our exhibition website, says Naima.

The degree projects show a large width and several of them have a strong connection to the sustainable development of society, from both ecological, economic and social aspects.

   – That is an important part of the education which is often reflected in the master's theses from Chalmers architecture – which we are proud of. Our students are committed, critical, analytical and creative, and during this in many aspects tough semester, they have put mcuh effort and hard work in their projects. The way they contribute to our education and the architecture field and its discussions at large is amazing, says Naima Callenberg.

In this year's digital final exhibition, degree projects from the two master programs Architecture and Planning Beyond Sustainability and Architecture and Urban Design are presented . The master's students' projects will soon also be joined by bachelor's theses that will appear on the exhibition website as of June 2.  

Page manager Published: Mon 31 May 2021.