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Colours, butterflies and physics – AHA Festival 2021

​From magicians to gecko’s, migrating butterflies and fine art, music and dancing, and not least an afternoon dedicated to how we experience colours, and why. The Aha festival makes a meeting point for scientists, students, artists and musicians to discover new paths in the interface of science and art – together with the audience.
​This year’s festival theme is “The suspension of disbelief” and the festival is held in Kårhuset at campus Johanneberg 24 – 26 November. The program contains various kinds of lectures, workshops, exhibitions, panels, performances, and concerts. Curiosity is the common denominator for all activities of the program, which celebrate science and art, all woven together with questions about our existence.              

The idea of a cross-border and international festival was born during a poetry evening at former department of Architecture at Chalmers. Inspired by the artistic activities at the department, the first Aha Festival was arranged in 2014. This year's festival, arranged for the seventh time around, engages several of Chalmers' institutions and offers glimpses into a wide range of Chalmers research and activities.

   – It might not be that well known, but Chalmers actually rests upon both a scientific and an artistic ground. This is one way of expressing that. The driving force behind all creativity is curiosity and the most essential questions are the ones that you have in mind when you leave the festival”, says Peter Christensson, project leader of the AHA festival.     

Some highlights from this years program:      

  • Lessons from ”Queenie” with Lovette Jallow – mitigating Algorithmic bias in AI systems  Lovette Jallow – writer, entrepreneur, and activist, will hold a lecture about racism and white privilege in the light of this years “One book one Chalmers book” “Queenie” by Candice Carty-Williams. Feat. students from JämK, Chalmers Equality Committee. 
    24 november 10.00-11.00           

  • The metaphors' of physics A talk between writer and mathematician Helena Granström, and writer and physicist Julia Ravanis, about the role visual or linguistic metaphors play for the theories and models they make a part of, and where the line is drawn between the models of physics and the reality.
    24 november 12.00-13.00      

  • Morgan Palmquist and Blå tåget A talk beteween Tore Berger and Torkel Rasmusson from Swedish band Blå Tåget with Morgan Palmqvist, Doctor with a thesis on the band, followed by a unique concert with Tore Berger & Torkel Rasmusson, accompanied by Torgny Sjöstedt.  
    24 november 17.00-18.30      

  • About colour perception: Do we see with our eyes or brain and How are color experiences represented? and What is color, how do we perceive colors and how do they affect us? The color of a thing is related to its interaction with electromagnetic radiation, but still, an orange is orange, right? Listen to researchers discussing the topic from different angles. In addition, workshop in Color lab and let yourself be drawn into the world of colour!
    25 november 12.45-16.00 (several presentations)  
    24 - 26 november Color lab (open for visitors all festival)    

  • Lontano – concert with Anja Lechner and François Couturier  Their musical collaboration is long established; the German cellist and the French pianist traverse a wide musical arc - embracing familiar melodies by Giya Kancheli, Anouar Brahem and others, and pieces which offer scope for improvisation and personal interpretation.
    25 november 18.30-19.30   
  • Physics for butterflies and stage artists Monarch butterflies migrate from Canada to Mexico, but not in the lifetime of one butterfly – the journey takes several generations. How is this possible? Lecture by Fredrik Höök, Chalmers, followed by a performance in which five performing artists offer artistic interpretations of the butterflies' migration and metamorphosis. 
    26 november 11.00-13.00        

Quick facts:    

The Aha festival at Chalmers is open 24-26 November.  
Welcom to Chalmers kårhus in campus Johanneberg, Chalmersplatsen 1, Gothenburg. The festival activities are held in the Volvo foyer, the Runan hall and the Scania hall.  
Free entrance, open to the public! 


Peter Christensson, project leader of the Aha festival: +46 31 7722361, peter@chalmers.se   
Fredrik Höök, project leader of the Aha festival: +46 31 7726130, fredrik.hook@chalmers.se    

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