Educational profiles

​Chalmers offers two five-year Master of Architecture programmes, “Architecture” and “Architecture and Engineering”, each of which leads to a professional architectural degree. We also offer two international master’s programmes, Architecture and Urban Design and Architecture and Planning Beyond Sustainability, each of which leads to a Master of Science in Architecture. At Chalmers, the five-year programme tracks for professional degrees are composed of a bachelor (basic) level and a master (advanced) level. A student from Chalmers that has a bachelor’s degree in one of the main subjects, Architecture or Architecture and Engineering, will after completing the additional advanced coursework in one of the above master’s programmes also receive the professional degree of Master of Architecture.

Master of Architecture programmes

  • Architecture
  • Architecture and Engineering
Master’s Programmes
  • Architecture and Urban Design (MPARC)
  • Architecture and Planning Beyond Sustainability (MPDSD)
The Architecture programme is characterized on the bachelor level by a broad foundation in the multitude of perspectives that have to be integrated into a whole in the design of spaces, buildings, and built environments for our societies. 

The Architecture and Engineering program was started ten years ago as a response to the growing need for better collaboration between architects and engineers, and needs for both architects with stronger competence in engineering and engineers with more knowledge about architecture. The programme unifies the methods of architectural design with the natural sciences and mathematics. Depending on which master’s programme the students choose after the bachelor level, they can either get a degree in architecture (through one of the master’s programs within architecture) or a degree in civil engineering (through other master’s programmes at Chalmers). Or by studying one and a half more years, they can have both.

The Master’s Programme in Architecture and Urban Design (MPARC) is focused on developing the advanced skills and knowledge needed in contemporary professional practice. The programme emphasizes a research-oriented approach to train the skills to deal with the future challenges for architects and urban designers.

The Master’s Programme in Architecture and Planning Beyond Sustainability (MPDSD) was created in the context of a strong research environment at the Department of Architecture in the fields of sustainable building and sustainable urban development. The Chalmers Environmental Initiative (CEI), a strategic investment introduced in 2001, implied a further strengthening of research and education within these fields. The program focuses on sustainable development as a political vision that entails huge challenges for social and technical innovation all over the world. 


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