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​Melchior Wernstedt Student Competition 2020

1st Prize 

Author: Ella Davidsson, Student MPARC Prize: 7001 SEK

BRIQUE is clearly committed to the urban planning and it defines the square very well. The building becomes a new focal point and the stepped gable becomes a new emblem for Chalmers. The brickwork in front of the windows creates a unique character that opens up to the square with a double height entrance space. It clearly wants to relate to a bigger scale and echoes the rhythm of the other brick buildings opposite the square but makes it grander and more civic. It’s a beautiful and well-proportioned building that creates a big plaza in front of it. 

2nd Prize 

Author: David Holst, Student MPARC Prize: 6999 SEK

BRANCHES state a clear idea of the concept. Presented with nice concept illustrations and a good plot analyze of what the building can archive. Seductive images of the interior and exterior that triggers your imagination of what this structure could be filled with and used for. Interesting with the void in the CL structure that potentially could deal with acoustic challenges in a timber construction. Clear use of material, just wood and glass that creates strengths and transparency. A building that could be anything and everything and an important building for Chalmers to show both problems and opportunities. The structure becomes a new emblem of a new era of what Chalmers wants to be.

Shared 3rd Prize

Author: Oscar Stare and Julius Andersson, Student MPARC Prize: 2000 SEK

RED has a strong and tough character with a big visual impact. An extruded façade with good proportions. A tower proposal that has a convincing form that creates a landmark building with nice deep relief in the façade and a fluent nice space in the ground floor. Well chosen perspectives that communicate the project very well. 

Shared 3rd Prize

Author: John Hermansson, Student MPARC Prize: 2000 SEK

FROM THE ROOTS have a very clear position on the site with a high volume that define the entrance way into the campus. The lower part frames a square in front of the union building that opens up towards west and brings in the sun. The building has a beautiful deep, rhythmic, elegant timber facade with great qualities. Nice model and a clear section together with a great presentation of the material pallet shows how this is buildable.

Mention 1

Author: Fabian Lecker, Student MPARC  

CHALMERS FOR SUSTAINABILITY thinks about a how architecture can provide external space that allows people to linger and wait and meet their friends and have a conversation. Makes the obvious choice according to its position and size, in the right corner and in 4 floors. Create interesting public space around plaza, garden and restaurant.

Mention 2

Author: Mats Andersson, Student MPARC  

BACK TO THE FUTURE has an original use of seaweed, innovative natural based looking forward kind of statement that Chalmers so urgently need to take a lead position in a world of technocrats. It tries to make an intricate urbanism. A tower combined with a village might be too much, but we like this project because it has far too many ideas but rather to many than too few. 

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