Master's thesis directions

Master's thesis topics

Contact with nature, housing in wood, clt, architectural qualities, detailed design​

Contact: Kaj Granath, 

Earth Architecture: Design and Materials Development from Waste Clay in A Swedish Context​​

The ReCirculate project was initiated to develop new techniques to build our cities. The building materials we use today have a large environmental impact and contribute to climate change both in Sweden and around the world. In order to reduce these negative impacts, we must minimize the extraction of new material and promote materials that already exist and/or have a low embodied energy. In order to access these embedded assets, we must utilize materials already existing in the urban built environment. ReCirculate is a research project that aims to explore innovative ways of using existing materials, by reusing materials and products from demolition and rebuilding projects and by developing new products with "waste clay" as a raw material. New construction products will be explored and developed within the project aiming to be used in the construction of Gothenburg City's "fossil-free" preschools and in several other future construction projects. The City’s preschool project will be used as a living lab to see how earth architecture can be implemented in a Swedish context. 

Current partners: White Architects, Wingårhds, Bengt-Dahlgren AB, earthLAB studio, Gothenburg City (lokalförvaltningen)
Contact: Shea Hagy,

Develop new methods for NGOs operating under the constrains and limitations of the covid-19 pandemic​​

During the current covid-19 pandemic a lot of projects within the international development and response sectors have been stopped or paused. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) worldwide, as in the case of many member originations within the Architects Sans Frontiers International (ASF-Int.) such as ASF-Sweden, have not been able to continue their project operations. Partly this is due to the focus that local organizations and communities have to deal with more pressuring issues of health and survival, but partly it has been due to the lack of routines and experience in how to run projects and operate under the current circumstances.

Interested stakeholders:
Chalmers MPDSD design studios Reality Studio and Social Inclusion
Contact: Emilio Brandao,

Masters Thesis in collaboration with the EU project - European Creative Rooftop Network

Chalmers ACE in collaboration with the EU project - European Creative Rooftop Network has  topics for master thesis presented below - sustainably develop a rooftop on a residential building, on a culture center and on an office building.  
A group of actors in nine European cities is now looking into how 15 to 35% of Europe’s urban landscape is underused and overlooked: the European roofscape. European Creative Rooftop Network will cooperate to promote greater uses of Europe’s rooftops. Shortly the aim is to:

The EU project  will start this autumn and will continue for 4 years. The cities Amsterdam, Antwerp, Barcelona, Belfast, Chemnitz, Faro, Gothenburg, Nicosia & Rotterdam will cooperate to promote and contribute to greater uses of Europe’s rooftops.

Emilio Brandao, architect SAR/MSA,  examiner/supervisor. Contact:​
Tomas Lundberg, architect SAR/MSA, project leader in Gbg, European creative rooftop network.

Masters Thesis on artistic interventions in non-conventional frameworks, in collaboration with Teater Nu and their EU-project Trainart

We are working on a project called Trainart, funded by Creative Europe. It’s a collaboration between partners in Italy, Sweden, Serbia, Spain and Ireland. The project intends to provide cultural operators/artists with adequate training to meet the demand for artistic interventions in unconventional contexts. Artistic interventions in non-conventional frameworks allow artists to open new markets and to reach different audiences, but also to gain new inspirations from unusual work environments and get opportunities for experimentation and growth.

Emilio Brandao, architect SAR/MSA,  examiner/supervisor. Contact:
Sara Östebro, Teater Nu and Trainart. Contact:

Glazed geometries in residential buildings

We are a group of architects and engineers from Sweco and Chalmers doing a research project about glazed geometries in residential buildings. Please see attached here three topics for possible master's thesis linked with our project. Students from architecture can choose to work by themselves on these topics or in collaboration with students from Civil Engineering if you are interested in more technical aspects.
If you are interested please contact Kajsa Crona,

More information:

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