Caixa Forum, Madrid
​Caixa Forum, Madrid, Herzog and de Meuron

Design for Architectural Heritage

ACEX35,Masters’ thesis direction, 2019/2020​

Description of direction

The direction works with the architectural heritage we all share and need. A place contains memories, it adds values to the physical space. You can do a master thesis based upon some existing building, transformation. Or have focus on adding something new, communicating to the old structure and heritage. In both ways, you will have to sort out what is the qualities? How do you interpret and valuate them? How can you enable the site?? The example from Madrid, Caixa is a remarkable example, brave and new, still very transparent and honest. The best way of preserving is to put a new live into a building, fill it with new activities and people how cares. Often are new additions a balance walks between scale, materials and details. Long-lasting architecture is sustainable, our heritage must be taken care of by hands for future. In this direction you explore the possibilities and shortcomings. It is a very important field for architects, how to “communicate” to existing environments, buildings and stakeholders.​


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Charters & Conventions


Kia Bengtsson Ekström, Oscar Carlsson, Anita Ollár​

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