pointSketch2D is a program aimed at providing a better understanding of the structural behaviour of two dimensional trusses. The core of the program is a computational engine capable of analysing most aspects of a two-dimensional trusses. A Graphical User Interface (GUI) acts as a layer between the user and the computational engine. The GUI is designed to be as intuitive as possible in order to provide a possibility for the user to freely experiment with the parameters that determine the structural behaviour of trusses.
The program is not a tool for dimensioning, it is rather a sketchpad on which one can sketch structural behaviour. The GUI is divided into four modes; the sketch mode, the appearance mode, the physics mode, and the action mode. In the present version of pointSketch2D only the two latter modes are available. In the physics mode the truss is viewed as it is interpreted from a physical point of view, i.e. a system consisting of nodes, bars, supports and forces. All sketching in the program takes place in this mode since the parameters viewed here determine the structural behaviour of the truss. In the action mode results from the computational engine associated with the current sketch can be viewed. By switching between these two modes the user gets instant feedback concerning the structural behaviour associated with the latest sketch.


For the moment, pointSketch2D is only available for the Windows platform. The program is downloaded as a compressed file (you need winzip to unpack) containing the main program file, other required files and a few model files. If you have the .NET framework installed on your computer you don't need to unpack the .dll files (msvcp71.dll and msvcr71.dll). However, the program will run just fine even if you do unpack them and have .NET installed. So, if you are not sure about .NET just go ahead unpack all files in to a directory of your choice. To run the program just double click on the file named pointSketch2D.exe. 


The intention is to keep developing the pointSketch programs as well as the general concept of pointSketch. This is where your comments and suggestions play an important role. Please feel free to send us your thoughts about pointSketch2D using the contact information below.

Page manager Published: Mon 24 Jan 2022.