​Industrial robot KUKA Agilus KR10 at ACE Robot Lab and a detail of an architectural mold produced by it. © Malgorzata Zboinska.

Workshop and lab

Robotic Fabrication Laboratory​

Experimental design and making using robots

The Robotic Fabrication Laboratory at Chalmers ACE is a place for architectural design experimentation, where one can creatively explore new possibilities offered by robots in architecture. 

The Lab is available for both architectural education and research, as well as open to external collaboration with architectural practices and other artistic and creative industries. It can be used in versatile ways – from experimentation with architecture’s new materials, through the creation of unique art and design pieces, to the making of architectural models, prototypes and elements in large scale. 

Our equipment embraces three six-axis industrial robot arms – two small robots KUKA Agilus KR10 and a big robot KUKA Quantec KR120. The smaller arms are mobile and suitable for smaller-scale experimentation while the big arm is stationary and suitable for investigations in larger scale.  

The equipment and processes in the Lab are currently under development. Our ambition is to develop an in-house inventory of robot tools and material mounting structures that provide our future users with readily available opportunities of experimentation with basic and advanced making processes, such as incremental forming, CNC milling, 3D printing, hot wire cutting, 3D element assembly, and highly customized material experimentation.

Lab management group

Malgorzata Zboinska​, Creative Leader, Main Robot Instructor,​

Architecture workshop

Students in architecture are free to use the workshop, A-verkstaden. It is equipped with machines, some digital machines and tools for woodworking, and we also supply some materials for model making like cardboard, wood, foam, plastic etc.​

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