AHA festival

AHA Festival 
The AHA festival at Chalmers have gathered researchers, students and artists -  and invited the public to investigate the borders between science and art. 
The idea of a border-crossing and international event emerged from a poetry evening at Chalmers, and from ongoing artistic research at the Department of Architecture. In 2014 the first AHA festival was arranged at the Department of Architecture. The latter of the festivals have been arranged as a joint event of the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering and Department of Physics.
“It might not be that well known, but Chalmers rests upon both a scientific and an artistic ground. This is one way of expressing that. The driving force behind all creativity is curiosity and the most essential questions are the ones that you have in mind when you leave the festival”, said Michael Eriksson, project leader of the AHA festival.
The festival is free of charge and open to the public.

Glimpses from previous festivals

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AHA festival 2016

AHA festival 2015

AHA festival 2014

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