Gothenburg Public Buildings 2035

​The Public Buildings Studio (Chalmers, School of Architecture) welcomes everyone living in Gothenburg — architects and non-architects alike — to partake debating a specific question: "Can more and better public buildings be incorporated into the city's 5 million m² of future private development projects?"
Open Symposium:
Gothenburg Public Buildings 2035
Teleconference (Zoom)
31/3, 15.00~17.00  

English + Swedish    
Chalmers University of Technology
School of Architecture
Public Building Studio
15:00  Introduction, Mentimeter
15:10  Bathhouse
15:25  Library
15:40  Museum
16:00  Break
16:10  Performing Arts Center
16:25  Sportshall
16:40  2035, Gothenburg, Public Buildings    

Meeting ID: 395-023-514

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The symposium aims to explore how we (as citizens) feel about the quantity and quality of public buildings currently considered in the predominantly private Älvstaden / RiverCity Gothenburg urban development projects (homes, hotels, offices, retail).

If there's simply no money for more and better public buildings, should we consider ideas for adding value to private buildings through public program? Would this require changes in how we perceive, expect, or legally allow private and public spaces to coexist in the city?

Using their ongoing hybrid building projects and studies of 5 public building types (bathhouse, library, museum, performing arts center, sportshall) 20 graduate-level architecture students and teachers will curate an open symposium concerning the future of public buildings in Gothenburg.

Let's debate!

Chalmers University of Technology
Graduate School of Architecture
Public Buildings Studio
English + Swedish

Category Colloquium
Starts: 31 March, 2020, 15:00
Ends: 31 March, 2020, 17:00

Published: Mon 30 Mar 2020.