ARK626 Exhibition at Gamla hovrätten

​ARK626 // Architectural transformation & Environamental Care invite staff and students to visit their course presentation at Gamla Hovrätten.

​There is a unique opportunity to visit Gamla Hovrätten (1948); the old court of appeal designed by famous Swedish architect of the 1900’s Håkan Ahlberg. It was designed to fit the new practices of law at the time, but was no longer functional in 1995. The building is situated on Campus Näckrosen in-between the Gothenburg Museum of Art (Göteborg Konstmuseum), Körsvägen transportation hub, and the Humanities Library. The whole site (campus) is under development, due to the new station for Västlinken and the new city library right next to the building. While the building does not attract much attention, the building and its interior is thought to have historical value for the city and should be considered with high respect to the original design. However, while the building was designed as a public building, it has been inaccessible for the public for some time.   

The opening to the public is both an intervention by the students of the course Architectural Transformation & Environmental Care at Chalmers School of Architecture as well as a moment for them to show their course work to the public. As part of the course they worked on common context analysis, including writing love/hate letters, collecting and curating photos, make atmosphere sketches, as well as more in-depth measuring of the building and context analysis relating to history-present and futures, socio-cultural conditions, nature and biodiversity, materials, technical detailing etc. After that 8 design teams (1-4 students) focused on a team specific design brief, and investigate different architectural interventions in relation to the building.

The transformation interventions range between theoretical and practical, small and big, landscape, building and interior interventions. We look forward to reflecting with your on the different ideas. Please come visit us on Monday 30 from 11.30-18.00 or Tuesday 13.00-18.00.  
Poster 2.0.pdfPoster 2.0.pdf
Category Exhibition; Student project presentation
Location: Gamla hovrätten, Olof Wijksgatan 6
Starts: 30 May, 2022, 11:30
Ends: 31 May, 2022, 18:00

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