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The AHA! Festival 2021

​​"The suspension of disbelief" ​

Welcome to the festival that brings together researchers and students with artists and musicians – and invites the audience to examine the interface beteween science and art.

The AHA! Festival has been arranged since 2014, and this year's theme "Suspension of disbelief" concerns the agreement between artist and audience that seems to be a prerequisite for the experience of various cultural phenomena. The question is whether this also is relevant in science and other knowledge-producing areas?

​The program is open to external visitors and free entrance apply for all activities
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Location: The Volvo foyer, meeting point, Chalmersplatsen 1, Kårhuset
Starts: 24 November, 2021, 10:00
Ends: 26 November, 2021, 19:00

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