Students on study tour in Switzerland
​Students on study tour in Switzerland.
​Photo Ulf Janson

Chalmers School of Architecture Yearbook 2016

The Yearbook 2016 has two themes: History of Architecture and Questioning Architecture. The themes capture the important interplay that is essential to the creation of architecture: a respect for history and a questioning for the future. 

Chalmers School of Architecture Yearbook 2016 - PDF 22,3 MB

You can also download yearbooks from 2009-2012

Yearbook 2012 - PDF 5 MB

The main theme of the yearbook this year is Representation - how we as architects visualize a building a space, or a detail before it's built, and how we convey this vision for ourselves and for others. Another theme is the school's interest in material culture. Student projects as well as ongoing research is presented in the book.

Yearbook 2011 - PDF 5 MB
The main theme of the yearbook this year is a number of talks with students from the education programmes Architecture and Architecture and Engineering. The purpose is to examine the students' way through the education and to capture what's important for young architects today. Another theme is the change when a generation of teachers, committed to societal and environmental issues, now will retire.
Yearbook 2010 - PDF 9,16 MB
The main theme of the yearbook this year is about Mistra Urban Futures, a research and development center interconnecting with important project players throughout the region. Established international contacts are important for the project's ambition to become a global actor in the future of urban development processes.
The cross-boundary knowledge making will emerge in some of the books other articles as well.
Yearbook 2009​​ - PDF 11,9
For the first time the department of Architecture is presented in a yearbook in 2009. The main theme of the yearbook will vary from year to year. This year projects connected to Architecture and technology or connected to the concept 'A material culture' are given a large presence.

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