Material Turn

"Considering architecture in a world increasingly conditioned by material networks."

Material Turn considers architecture in a world that is increasingly conditioned by material networks. Architects are no longer restricted to a palette of building materials defined by disciplinary tradition, craft or tool sets. Our basic set of representation techniques have been complemented with a host of new design mediums that straddle the abstract space of the digital drawing and the concrete, material world. Material Turn creatively explores the opportunities as well as the constraints of this emergent condition. It investigates how matter and geometry, fuelled by alternative instruments of design, representation and production, can inform architectural design.

Material Turn acknowledges that architecture has moved past the digital turn. The technologies that once revolutionized the discipline has now become integrated into most corners of practice and academia as well as into everyday life. What once occurred exclusively on computer screens has found its way into the material world through fabrication, augmented reality and machine vision. This leaves us in a situation where high tech and low tech, the visionary and the mundane, digital and analogue, as well as representation and reality exist in a messy state of continuity.

Rather than signalling a turn away from the digital, the cluster promotes design and research that rethink the way in which architecture may engage with now ever-present digitality and computation. Architectural design within Material Turn may target representation and translations between media; alternative interpretations of fundamental architectural concepts like form, tectonics and materiality; altered vision and perception; as well as changing conditions for architectural practice. Of special interest is the link between technique and the production of aesthetic qualities.

The student's choice of scale, program and context should enables deeper exploration of the Material Turn theme and expertise. Material Turn is equally supportive of design oriented projects and research oriented projects, and wishes to enroll students interested in advanced practice as well as post-graduate and doctoral studies.

Examiner, Supervisor: Daniel Norell / architect, lecturer
Examiner, Supervisor: Jonas Lundberg / architect, lecturer
Supervisor: Jonas Runberger / architect, artistic professor
Supervisor: Karin Hedlund / architect, artistic lecturer
Supervisor: Kengo Skorick / architect, artistic senior lecturer

Published: Mon 15 Jan 2018.