"Master thesis within housing architecture."

The Housing studio is in The Master's Programme in Architecture and Urban Design. The studio provides the skills and knowledge needed to practice professionally, designing new homes, apartments and raw-houses.
The thesis work focuses upon the exploration of crucial factors of transformation changing the design conditions of the residential future.
The master thesis work is organizing as a studio. A teacher team manages master thesis. Supervising and critic also in groups and student can get feedback from other teachers in the studio.
Important for the housing design is focusing on sustainable solutions in the social and ecological fields. One object is housing design coping with the unpredictability of the future. Variables are for example the demographic changes and cultural heterogeneity.

Master thesis will widened insights on experimental and innovative best practices in the European context to housing designs in order to foster innovation.
But also ability to perform advanced architectural analysis on housing design and to produce adequate solutions to new potential future demands to accomplish sustainable solutions.
The master thesis studio emphasizes a research-oriented approach in order to anticipate future challenges for architects and urban designers. Its profile is design led and practical, as well as academic and theoretical. But with Focus on housing-design the Thesis work with new homes in Viskafors is typical for the studio.
The thesis proposal shows a centre develop with 22 new homes, rental dwellings, next to a new smaller Lake. There is a place and demarcation for the project. The focus is on the dwelling in terms of the relationship to the street and nature, energy, details, floor plan, section, material, durability.

Supervisor: Andreas Norrman / architect
Supervisor: Anna Braide Eriksson / architect, artistic senior lecturer
Supervisor: August Orrling / architect, associate technology leader
Supervisor: Hanna Morichetto / architect, PhD student
Supervisor: Paula Femenias / architect, associate professor
Supervisor: Kajsa Crona / architect, adjunct professor
Examiner, Supervisor: Ola Nylander / architect, artistic professor
Examiner: Sten Gromark / architect, professor

Published: Mon 15 Jan 2018.